Transition Habitat Conservancy
Our mission: Transition Habitat Conservancy protects areas of critical habitat, transition zone and wildlife corridor ecosystems and their scenic, agricultural, and cultural resource values in the West Mojave Desert. We participate in programs improving our knowledge of the Mojave Desert ecosystem. We also provide education about the fragile and inspirational nature of our desert plants, animals, and ecosystems to connect people to nature.

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Puma Canyon Ecological Reserve - Pinon Hills, CA
Purpose: Create natural areas and protect pristine
transition zones between the high desert and the San Gabriel mountains

Portal Ridge Wildlife Preserve (dark green)- South-West Antelope Valley
Existing public parks (light green)

Desert Wildlife Management Area (DWMA)- Kramer Junction
Purpose: Protect critical desert tortoise habitat in USFW tortoise recovery untis 1 and 2 (green areas are Transition Habitat properties)
Transition Habitat Conservancy manages trails and roads in conjunction with the BLM and other agencies in the area illustrated by the map below:


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